Is Dermaplaning The Same As Shaving Your Face?

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Social media is a great place to find new trends in the beauty industry. It is full of influencers who constantly post about their latest makeup looks and what products they use. Currently, one of the trends is promoting a cosmetic treatment called dermaplaning. 

The beauty industry has been changing rapidly over the past few years. New trends pop up every day, and it can be hard to keep up with them all. That’s why, on our website, we help you keep up with the latest trends by explaining to you what they are and how they can benefit you. 

Fortunately, the dermaplaning trend fits perfectly as part of our expertise. So what is dermaplaning all about, and can it benefit you?

What Is Dermaplaning?

Simple Yet Effective

Dermaplaning is one of the simplest cosmetic treatments you can get. Although it is very simple, its results aren’t minor. Unlike other cosmetic treatments that promise too much, dermaplaning is what you see is what you get. 

Don’t overlook it because of its simplicity. It’s an effective cosmetic treatment considering its low price. 

Is Dermaplaning The Same As Shaving Your Face?

Many find asking this particular question when they see a dermaplaning procedure. Yes, dermaplaning is literally shaving your face. However, there is more to it than that. 

Dermaplaning involves shaving a skin layer off your face. While it might sound somewhat drastic, that’s the point of dermaplaning.

The dermaplaning provider removes a skin layer, but it is filled with dead skin cells and dirt, so it doesn’t hurt your skin. Once the unwanted skin layer is gone, it gives new room for new skin cells to grow.

Due to its outward simplicity, this cosmetic treatment has become trendy on social media. This treatment doesn’t overpromise that it brings life-changing results, but it gets the job done. The treatment makes your skin smoother, removes facial hair, increases vibrancy, and makes it more supple to the touch. 

If handled by a professional, dermaplaning could also help treat dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars. Although it involves a very sharp blade, it’s a safe and effective treatment. Your skin tone and ethnicity don’t matter; you can take this cosmetic treatment. 

However, just like any cosmetic treatment, it would help if you knew more about its benefits, how it works, side effects, and risks. 

How Will Dermaplaning Benefit You?

How effective dermaplaning is for you depends on a lot of factors. For example, your skin might react differently to dermaplaning treatment. 

However, on average, you will still see a significant improvement. You can expect much smoother skin, significantly lesser peach fuzz, and more skin luminosity. The results of this treatment are immediate, but it gets better over time. 

Another benefit of dermaplaning is that it increases the effectiveness of any skincare products you are currently using. Whenever you use a skincare product before dermaplaning, its effectiveness is hindered since it can’t go through deeply since the dead skin cells and dirt are on the way. 

Now that these dead skin cells, dirt, and other debris are out of the way, your skincare products become more effective. It makes your skin more naturally clean-looking and overall more youthful. 

How Does Dermaplaning Work?

If you’ve seen how they do dermaplaning on social media sites, you’ll notice they are using a very sharp blade. Yes, it’s a very sharp blade, much sharper than blades used for shaving skin hair. Even the tool itself looks very similar to blades used for shaving. 

Dermaplaning is very simple in concept; shave a skin layer off as if you are shaving skin hair away. Remove the unwanted skin layer to allow for new fresh skin to replace it. 

You see, your skin frequently experiences damage from environmental factors. Your skin is constantly harassed by dirt and other debris, causing micro-injuries to develop. It makes your complexion look dull, or even more, you appear older than you look. 


But before you have the treatment, your provider will give you some details on what you can expect of the treatment. And then, they will take a look at your medical history to check if your skin is sensitive for the upcoming treatment. Once all the details are sorted out, they will set up a date for your appointment


To begin the procedure, your provider will first cleanse the area to see the skin layers that need to be removed adequately. Next, they can finally start by aiming the blade at a steep angle. Steep enough to pierce the skin but not enough to damage other skin layers. 

Then they can start shaving. The shaving action is similar to shaving hair off, gently pushing the blade down to shave off the unwanted skin layer. However, this movement is very precise, so it can only be done by a professional with a license. 

So make sure to check their license and reviews from previous patients. 

There Are DIY Dermaplaning Options

Dermaplanign is literally shaving a skin layer off, so naturally, DIY dermaplaning home kits pop up in online stores. So is it possible to have a DIY dermaplaning at home?

Yes, it is possible, but I really wouldn’t recommend it. First, store-bought dermaplaning kits are generally not that effective. These products need to be dumbed down to make them accessible for the average user to use. So they won’t remove as many unwanted dead skin layers and debris. 

Secondly, they are still sharp, so you can potentially injure yourself and even leave a scar behind if you make any mistakes. 

Faces and very sharp razor blades don’t go very well with each other unless you are a professional. While I don’t recommend it, you can still give it a try if you want to. 

Is It Painless?

Dermaplaning is a painless cosmetic treatment. It’s like shaving, you don’t feel pain, and all you feel is a tingling sensation. On top of that, the treatment is handled by a professional, so the chances of mishaps are very slim. 


Dermaplaning is a very simple yet effective cosmetic procedure. It is simply shaving your face, albeit much deeper and more effective than a hair shave. If you are interested in a dermaplaning procedure, make sure to reach out to Bella Rose Aesthetics. They offer services that can be adjusted depending on the needs and goals of the clients.


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